Living in a world undaunted by the endless grasp of time
Life spins its silky web creating beauty known only as love
As our minds embark on these cerebral vacations of the heart
One often wonders what mind excavations can be dug up

History presents itself in all of our lives leaving endless footprints
Litter with the broken glass of shattered dreams and love untouched
Hope becomes a fraction of how frail love can truly be in our lives
Hidden upon loves final draft in life’s tormenting English class

Every ounce of our work is shown through unwavering hearts
Motivation to exceed and expound predetermined expectations
Opens up limitations that have no bounds to grasp in relationships
Hearts finally being released from their caged confinement

Emotions now begin to flow as freely as water not longer contained
Truth becomes the welcomed basis in the hearts of those who love
Understanding that when the Rich of heart wage war it’s the poor who die
Allowing me to finally realize that the one I love is not an idea it’s really you

Thus allowing me to call this my Midnight Sonata

This is more of a personal poem dealing with somethings that I'm currently going through. The purpose of this poem is to show how confusing love can be. I know that is not one of my best poems, but feel free to critique.