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Thread: Missed heart...

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    Missed heart...

    When your still there,
    I will never leave you. .
    When your still holding me,
    I will continue holding you too,
    And never let go. .

    When you still love me,
    I'll continue loving you too. .
    Cause. .
    You being strong,
    Makes me stronger for you. .

    The fact that I can't be with you. .
    Brings more pain,
    Than the sword stabbed in my heart. .
    When I think of you,
    Sobbing in the dark. .
    I feel my heart getting ripped apart. .

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    Re: Missed heart...

    Very nice. Short, yet sweet.

    I like it alot. You've shown that relationships take equal effort and that one grows stronger when the other is strong and is contributing to the relationship. Good job! ^_^

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    Re: Missed heart...

    Wow thats a great poem so much emotion put into u can feel the pain that u place in the poem. It's really good I really like hope to read more from again!
    I wish a life of a love of a life. Send a light to through the darkest of nights. Let a kiss fly from the heart. Love me like you loved me in our past lives. Send this pain back to me these cold lonely nights. Haunt all my fanasties leave all my dreams shadow yourself once again into me....

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