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Thread: Missing Days; I'm sorry, Goodbye!

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    Lightbulb Missing Days; I'm sorry, Goodbye!

    I often hear your voice when no one is around,
    I hear you saying, "All will be well."
    When I look in the mirror I see your eyes looking at me.
    I miss your laugh and your smile, even if they only came once in a while.
    I can't say I feel regret too often, but if there was one instance it was the last time we spoke.
    I said some really harsh things, that were very unkind, I only wish I could rewind time.
    I never got to say good bye.
    So here's my good bye, it took three years to write.
    Even if I can't bring myself to tears for you...
    I have to say you've left your mark.
    I miss those days when we used to fight...
    I miss those days you used to make me cry...
    The only thing we ever agreed on was our favorite show and your favorite food.
    I miss those days and I just wish...
    For once in my life that one of my siblings didn't die.
    I'm sorry I said what I said...
    I'm sorry I was so hard on you...
    I wish... you were still here to hear me say the words
    I never would, to hear me say, "I'm sorry and I love you"

    ~*RIP Leon*~
    May 15, 1989- May 15, 2004

    {The Official Title is Missing Days}
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    Re: Missing Days; I'm sorry, Goodbye!

    Wow, I wish I could tell you how that made me feel, deep down.... But If I did you'd think I was crazy....
    I'll just say this for now. I live in Minnesota, where the bridge collapsed. My sister was on it 10 minutes before it went down. And... we had spent the last 2 days before that.... arguing.

    I just don't know what to say accept, Im sorry.

    Oh and, I preffer "Missing Days."
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Missing Days; I'm sorry, Goodbye!

    Well... This makes me wanna run up to my sister, hug her and say: "I love You"... but I'll find a better day because if I'd do it just like that, she'd think I'm crazy and probably wouldn't talk to me for some time (she's kind of goth ^^ lol)

    I won't comment more... it could reduce me to tears...*shakes head* no no no wouldn't be good...
    I'll just say that this is a wonderful poem...very touching...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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