(this is based off the ending episode of Shojo Kakumei Utena. I cried at that ending. anyway, tell me what you guys think)

Lifted by the Spirits of the Fallen Kingdom

She knows Her Fate

She takes The swords

She Derserves Them

Horrified, The Knight watches,

But the Prince has seen it before, and he spares no mercy

For it was her who Locked him away.

A Million Swords Of Humanity

It is Honesty that binds her seal of destiny

The Prince is gazing at the Knight, Counterpart of Lucifer

They keep the same pararrell glance

As their Love

Their Sister

Their Identity is bound

Her head is down now.

Repetitive is key.

Now the story Begins:

Repetence is Shattered through Revolution

The Circle Chained by Roses is Broken

The Knights Deed must be Done

She must rebound the Hatred cast by Men

She will save her Bride

She will Change History's course

No longer Her Pride

Even If she must take it By Force

Against her Prince Now

The Truth Is Behind The Wall

That is hit with the Loud

Cries of the Sword Taken without its master's Call

The Prince Gives up

But The Knight Sees, She must Pry It open

The False Prince isn't no longer a Love, The Knight is the Last Hope

She doesn't care if its the Ultimate Sin

She must Fight For her Love

She must not face The Horror Alone

She is bound Adrift Above

But The Kinght has flown

She peels open the Door

The Swords Stop

The Prince and Lucifer Look up, gently from the Floor

All the way to where the Bride is hung, from the Top.

The Knight sees the True Love of her life

The true goddess looks up to see her saviour, Her Knight Glowed

This did not kill all in a single strife,

She is gentle, Her hair flowed

"At Last We Meet"

"Don't Let Go!!!"

"Someday, Shine with Me"

Then She fell, into the depths of Nowhere,

And the Knight disapeared,

And the Bride set out on a Grand search for her Knight

But soon will be with,

Her Love,

The Missing Link in Her Life