(I know most of you won't read this because its a sappy love poem but i figured id post it anyways because I just needed to.)

In this moment
as i see you there
looking at me
with a frightened stare

can you look me in the eyes
and not look away
and be able to tell me
that you want me to go away?

would you be able to speak
with out a lump in your throat
and tell me your heart
belongs in some other's love note?

do you ignore your hearts words
and cover them with others
or do you just look down
and not even bother?

what would you do
if i asked you to stay
here by my side
just for one more day?

would you walk away
and never look back
or would you just look at me coldly
as you heart began to crack

Could you bear the pressure
of my love for you
or would it consume
everything about me that you once knew?

Do you think
that for just one moment
that you heart should decide
who owned it?