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Thread: more poems^_^

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    more poems^_^

    Nightmare Or Life?
    Bloody handprints On the floor,
    theres no escape,
    no living anymore.
    Dark is the room, Red is your mind,h
    ere is your doom,
    it has come too soon.
    The light does not seep through,
    the blood cascaded on you,
    the footsteps coming closer,
    your knees are black and blue.
    You try to escape,
    but the doorknob slowly turns,
    your mouth is dry,
    your senses burn...
    You see a pair of shoes,
    you see a pair of green eyes,
    you scream in terror,
    the terror doesnt sigh.
    He grabs a big old knife,
    your stuck in the bloody corner,
    he slices you with a huge sythe,
    then comes in for more.
    You suddenly awoken...your safe...
    There in the darkness a pair of green eyes,
    was it just a dream...
    Or is it your own life?

    Field Of Black Rose Petal Flowers
    If you smile at me I won't
    When I do, it feels as if I am being choked
    Smiling on the outside
    Dying and being murdered on the inside
    True convincing fake smiles are concealing lies
    Truth only resting behind my eyes
    Urging to abandon this world I am living in
    Resting my head down to imagine
    Of an imaginary life
    Existence to where I shall not realease pain by the knife
    Laying inside myself for hours
    Dreaming in a field full of silky black rose petal flowers
    This imaginary life I pray to exist
    Actually having to live for a purpose
    Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
    Reminding me its not happening
    Suddenly, I know I am not sleeping
    Awaken in my living nightmares and monsters screaming my name
    Pleading to stay in my imaginary life, for the two are not the same
    Bless me with you death
    Steal every last one of my breaths
    Breathe in and take my life away
    Make me suffer no more only lasting this day
    Poison me inside
    Watch me suffer on the outside
    Choke me until I lie still
    Take out all your anger on me as your will
    Urge me to breathe no more
    Darkness consuming as I lie on the floor
    Pool surrounding in crimson blood
    I see it more as mystical mud
    Taking me there as things fade
    Others thinking my life is a jade
    Imaginary life coming true
    All I have to thank is you
    I am off to a neverland
    Neverland meaning...never again sad.

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    Re: more poems^_^

    cool poems they're all dark and gothic
    awesome XD
    thanks for your comments

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    Re: more poems^_^

    I love the darkness. Its greatly made, but if your looking for some negititve words.

    You shouldn't make each line so small. Not that I am saying make it big either.

    You gammers lacking.

    other then that. You Vocab is not bad, I like the choice of words.

    Keep them coming~
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