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Thread: More Shadow of Reality

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    More Shadow of Reality

    Post! Comment! IT WILL RAISE YOUR POST COUNT! JUST PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ! I keep on having to make new threads cuz I can't post- no one comments! COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 9
    The Name Deciphered

    The rain that had come with %567#! had faded, though a dark cloud still seemed to follow the four travelers. In three long hours, they finally reached a home. It was the home that Sakuya had mentioned before. The house was wooden, and was designed like an Asian house. It had small windows and a slide door on the front of the house. It seemed to blend with the light dusk that had been cast during the trip. An old, short lady stepped out of the house.
    “Who are you four?”
    “Tatsumi,” Sakuya began, “It hasn’t been that long, has it?”
    “You do look familiar.”
    “Does the name ‘Sakuya’ ring any bells?”
    Tatsumi leaned forward and squinted her eyes. “Sakuya, is that you? You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you.”
    “It’s only been five years.”
    Tatsumi crossed her arms. “Yes, and you’ve never visited since then.”
    “Well it’s not like I’ve been close by.”
    Tatsumi frowned. “Your always moving.”
    Terra, Ukaberu, and #4$&*( watched Tatsumi and Sakuya bicker for a while, but soon started a small conversation of their own.
    “You know,” Ukaberu whispered to Terra, “We could leave Sakuya behind right now while he’s distracted.”
    Terra glanced at Sakuya and Tatsumi and then back at Ukaberu. “We could, but then we would have nowhere to stay.”
    $)(_*! interjected, “Why do you wish to leave him at all?”
    “He’s only following us because-” Ukaberu broke off for the fact that he was not sure if he wanted her to know what Terra and Ukaberu possessed. “We have something he wants.”
    The discussion was finally ended by the ascending arguments of Sakuya and Tatsumi.
    “I heard that your in some trouble,” Tatsumi suspected, “I suppose that you want this place to be some kind of hide-away? Not my house! My house is a place to welcome spirits, not a place to hide renegades!”
    “I’m not a renegade! And I’m not in trouble. I’m just traveling with my, um,” Sakuya glanced back at the other three that had been left out of the argument, “my friends. They’re following me because,” he paused, “they want to learn magic.”
    Tatsumi glared at Sakuya with a disbelieving look. “Sure,” she said sarcastically. “Well, I guess there’s no point in arguing with you, since you’re so stubborn. You can stay here for the night.” Sakuya smiled, pleased with his persuasion. He stepped forward to enter the house, but Tatsumi stopped him. “There’s one condition though. You have to be courteous to the spirits that I welcome. I can not stress that enough. You of all people should know how powerful spirits can be. This is why we must respect them.”
    Sakuya frowned. “You’ve told me that a thousand times. Don’t worry. I’ll stay out of your way.”
    Tatsumi frowned as Sakuya passed her and walked into her abode. Tatsumi seemed to smile as she urged, “Why don’t you come in? It should be dark in a couple of hours.”
    “Thanks,” Ukaberu said. “My name’s Ukaberu. This is Terra,” he told her, pointing to Terra who was standing behind him.
    Tatsumi looked at @!(8$*. “And who are you?”
    “My name is &*^%#8,” she said, bowing lowly.
    “Um, with no offense, I don’t quite understand your-” Tatsumi looked into her right eye that was no longer hidden by her blank mask. Tatsumi seemed to be distracted by her eye, almost disturbed by it. “So I see the creation before my eyes,” Tatsumi dared to whisper almost so vaguely that it could barely be heard.
    4%$^7( felt as though she knew what Tatsumi was talking about. “Creation? That sentence- I’ve heard it before.” A memory entered her mind. A man stood in an eerie chamber. In the middle of the hollow was a large glass cylinder that was engraved into both the ceiling and the floor. Inside the enclosed tube was a shaded figure shaped similarly to a girl.
    The man wore a white tuxedo and a plain green tie. His hair was gelled back. He also wore clear spectacles that gleamed in the dim light that originated from small lanterns that hung on the wall.
    The man was smiling. “So I see the creation before my eyes.” The man’s smile grew wider. “My invention is finished. Aurora, rise!”
    She woke from her daze. “My name- I can finally hear my name. It is no longer scrambled. My name is Aurora.”
    Ukaberu smiled widely. “Finally. I was starting to wonder what name I should call you by since I had no clue what you were saying.”
    “Well, It’s nice to meet you all. Please, come in. I’ll make some tea.”
    They all stepped into the house to find Sakuya speaking with a man covered in a white cloak that covered his whole body except for his head. But, his head was concealed by a decorated mask. Terra looked at his feet to notice that he seemed to be floating.
    “Don’t worry,” Sakuya was saying to the man, “Tatsumi will always be here to welcome you if you ever wish to come back.” Without speaking the ‘man’ hovered near the door and soon vanished.
    “Sakuya, did you scare away that spirit?!” Tatsumi seemed forceful in her question.
    “No, he wanted to visit his grave. I told him that he could come back here if he ever wanted to.”
    Tatsumi looked at him in doubt. “You? Actually courteous to a spirit? When you were young you once were so rude to a spirit that she destroyed the house.”
    “Well, I’ve learned from my mistakes.”
    Tatsumi shortly laughed. “Am I speaking to the same Sakuya that I taught?”
    “Taught?” Ukaberu interjected.
    Tatsumi directed her attention at him. “Yes, he was my apprentice when he was young. I’ve taught him nearly everything he knows about magic.” Everyone sat near wooden table that had no legs. Instead of sitting on chairs, they were seated on what seemed to be similar to pillows. The cushions were blue, and contained very miniscule beads that felt parallel to sand.
    “Sakuya was an orphan,” Tatsumi began. “He was always getting into trouble. Eventually, the villagers threw him out of his home town. He came crawling through the pass, which is when I found him. I gave him food and water, and let him live with me. But, soon, he became fascinated with my magic, and the spirits that I welcomed. One day he asked me if I could teach him.”
    “And?” Ukaberu asked with growing curiosity.
    Sakuya rolled his eyes. “She said yes, you moron.” Ukaberu glared at Sakuya with a cross expression.
    “Anyway,” Tatsumi continued. “I did teach him. I taught him how to use magic, how to control it, and, I also taught him a few things about spirits.”
    Terra frowned. “Something feels strange,” she stated in a somewhat worried voice.
    Tatsumi looked around slowly. “Now that you mention it, something does feel out of the ordinary.” She paused. “Hmm, I think it may be a spirit coming.” Tatsumi stared at Terra. “But, sense you sensed a spirit before I did, I’m guessing that you must be very in tune with magic. Tell me, had Sakuya been teaching you?”
    Sakuya stared at Terra with an expression that hinted that she should follow along.
    “Oh, um, Yeah, he’s taught me a lot of magical things.”
    Tatsumi smiled with a look of satisfaction. “So, you wouldn’t mind a demonstration?”

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    Re: More Shadow of Reality

    OMG !!!
    U ended tha story in such an interesting place...deem...
    Oh well...I`ll be w8`ing for tha next episode ^^ And thx!!

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    Searching God isn`t peaceful.
    The thought that God exists is peaceful enough.

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    Re: More Shadow of Reality

    Next chapter! Please comment Oh, and thanx for commenting DogDemon. You seem to comment the most. ^^

    Chapter 10
    Sokudo vs. Aurora

    “Um, demonstration?” Terra questioned with worry.
    “Yes,” Tatsumi replied. “We can begin as soon as I greet the spirit that’s coming.”
    “Tatsumi,” Sakuya began. “Can I scan through your library as you welcome the spirit?” Tatsumi nodded, and Sakuya left the table.
    Sakuya stepped into a small room with many shelves that hid the walls. The room had no lights, and was only illuminated by the light from the window. Each shelve was filled with old books. Sakuya ran his finger down the row of books, and found the one he was looking for.
    “‘The Ancient Tales of Chikara’,” He read aloud. Sakuya languidly flipped through the darkened pages of the thick book, carefully searching for a passage describing the chain of Chikara and the magic of Chikara. When he found it, he read out loud, “The mystical items of Chikara known as ‘The Magic of Chikara’ and ‘The Chain of Chikara’ are thought to have magical properties. Once one of these items is found, they can not be stolen. The only way one of these items can be passed to another is for the owner of the item to willingly give or sell the item. Also, if the owner of the item dies, the item will immediately go into hiding until found again.”
    Sakuya shut the book, creating a loud thud. “Damn, he’s right. I can’t steal either of them! I’m going to have to keep on following them until they give me both of the items.” He put the book back into it’s original spot.

    Two figures came to the door, and before they could knock, Tatsumi suddenly appeared in front of the door and opened it. “Welcome,” she greeted politely. “Please, come in.”
    One of them was clearly a spirit. The spirit was dressed in the same type of robe and mask as the previous one. The other, however, was different. He didn’t wear any mask, and appeared to be a human, though he seemed diverse. He had on a red jacket that nearly covered his whole head and torso. He also wore long black pants and dark boots. In the dim light, his dark blue eyes seemed to gleam with an evil intensity.
    The man and the spirit both walked in. The man sat down in the sat that had been Sakuya’s while the spirit stood. “I am Tatsumi, and I am the owner of this house. I’m assuming that you have heard of me, otherwise you would be simply walking into any house you could find.”
    “Yes,” the man began. “You are quite renowned. I am called Sokudo. And this is Chihiro. Her grave is near.”
    Tatsumi nodded. “You must be speaking of ‘The Misty Garden’. That is the graveyard in which many of the spirits rest around this area.”
    “Yes,” Sokudo repeated. “I was hoping that we could respite here. Is there any cost for such a service?” The way that the man spoke seemed much too polite to Terra.
    “The cost is 1 amethyst each to stay in the house for one night. The fee also includes food and water.”
    “1 Amethyst? That seems very cheap for a stay in such an abode, We’ll take that offer.” Sokudo handed Tatsumi two violet-colored coins. Tatsumi briefly looked at the currency and then used magic to make the coins roll up her sleeves by themselves.
    “Would you like separate rooms?”
    “Yes, please.” Tatsumi closed her eyes and made a face as if she was concentrating. A strange shifting sound became heard.
    She rose from her trance and smiled. “Your rooms are the last two doors on the right. Thank you for your commerce. Come again.”
    Chihiro rose and drifted to her room while Sokudo continued to sit. He looked at Aurora in a strange stare. Sokudo smirked. “Ah. So I finally get to see the experiment for myself. You look a little more real than I had thought though.”
    “Experiment?” Aurora questioned in a low voice. She paused for a moment than continued, “Oh, I see. I’m not real, am I?”
    Sokudo laughed. “You’re just figuring that our now? Of course you’re not real. You were created by Tetsuo.”
    “Wait,” Ukaberu interrupted. “You mean the ‘grand ruler’ Tetsuo?”
    “Yeah. Haven’t you heard the story? Tetsuo was rumored to have made a little girl with creepy powers. She was to be used as a tool. But when they couldn’t get her to use her powers, they erased her memory and gave her a new one. A fake memory. This ‘girl’ is no better than a shadow.”
    Aurora stood up abruptly. “Would you like to see these powers first hand?” Terra could tell that Aurora was becoming furious. So furious that Terra began to be afraid of her.
    “Sure,” Sokudo accepted, smiling wider than ever.

    Everyone left Tatsumi’s abode and paced to an open area within the path. The space was abundant, so that Aurora and Sokudo could stand many feet away from each other, prepared for battle.
    “Do you feel bad now that you know your own secret?” Sokudo taunted. “Well, don’t worry. You won’t feel the pain of your real memories, or your fake ones once I crush you.”
    “Somehow I doubt that you can crush me.”
    Terra, Ukaberu, and Tatsumi stood to the side of them, keeping a large distance between them and the two competitors.
    “Going to start the party without me?” A voice called out from nowhere. Then, Chihiro suddenly appeared beside the three who were watching.
    “Oh, and I forgot to tell you something,” Sokudo continued. “I am the only person in this world who has two shiyosha powers!”
    Ukaberu’s eyes widened. “Two?”
    Sokudo put his left hand on his shoulder, and stomped his right foot on the ground. A huge spike of ice protruded from the land, vigorously rushing towards Aurora. Once the ice had nearly reached Aurora, she held out her right hand. The ice became even nearer, and soon, it touched her hand. Amazingly, Aurora’s hand easily stopped the large spike of ice, without even scratching Aurora at all. Then, she pushed her hand against the ice, causing it to lean towards Sokudo.
    With her other hand, Aurora punched the spike of ice, forcing it to advance towards Sokudo more quickly than it had toward Aurora. Just before it was going to hit him, his left ankle glowed briefly, and he jumped to a remarkable height- much higher than any normal person ever could.
    “I don’t get it,” Terra interrupted. “What power is his shiyosha power?”
    “Didn’t you see?” Ukaberu asked. “Shiyosha powers are controlled by heat molecules. He commanded the heat molecules to move away, making the air much colder. That’s how he created the ice. His second power was his ability to jump so quickly and at such an amazing height. To do that, he forced the heat molecules to form around him. Then, he converted the heat energy into motion energy.”
    Terra looked at Ukaberu with a strange face. “Ok, firstly, I have no idea what you just said. Secondly, How did you know that at all?”
    “Hey, a shiyosha has to know this kind of stuff.” He smirked shortly.
    “One more question,” she continued to ponder, “If he is a shiyosha, where is his mark?”
    “Did you see him put his hand over his right shoulder when he made the spike appear? That’s where his mark is for ice-making. I’m pretty sure that his mark for his speed is on his left ankle, because it glowed when he jumped. Can we watch the fight now?” Terra nodded and they directed their attention to the battle.
    Sokudo formed claws of ice around his right hand. Terra could tell from his face that Sokudo was starting to feel pain from his shiyosha marks.
    “Let’s end this!” Sokudo screamed as he began to run towards Aurora.
    “Goodbye,” Aurora said in a low, ominous tone.

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