This morning, as I awakened
too cold to want to leave my blanket.
My babe looked at me, with his loving stare.
As his tiny fingers twisted my hair.

A soft spoken "I yuh you", While his arm reached around my neck.
As he sang " I Love You, a Bushel and a Peck"
Although it seems our hugs and kisses are every mornings custom.
Waking with him beside me, won't soon lose its luster.

His brother wakes up, and they share a friendly wrestle.
Such innocent love, cannot be tarnished. Can not be embezzeled.
Now I don't know, But its just a guess.
Them without me, Me without them.... T'would be quite a mess.

To say you dont care about what happens to me, is a statement so grim.
If I died to tomorrow, my children would wound. Do you care about them?
Ive NEVER went without them, If I feared losing them... I FOUGHT!!!!
And up until recently... as a father.... You simply did not.

You've made so many decisions so careless, and self serving.
Turned down oppertunties to see him... I found it unnerving.
You've threatened violence on my home. Enjoyed that I'm hurting.
Now I've gathered the strength to say "YOU ARE UNDESERVING!"

This morning, after I held my son... I rolled over and cried.
The part of me that did not give up on you... died.
You'll never understand, The hope is gone.. The tears dried.
You can't see my life when your on my back, and not by my side.