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Thread: a mother days poem

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    a mother days poem

    this poem i made for mothers day so yeah i hope u like it even if mothers day is along way lol. still.

    mother you who held me in the rain,
    in you warm hands close to you,
    to share you love and your warmth,
    under the cold night, under the stars,
    you who took care of me when I need it,
    you who watched over me, and my brother
    and sister, you who protected us against
    anything and everyone, you were our
    shield and sword, you who still takes
    care of us, in the good times and
    the bad ones, you are deep in our
    heart, and we are in yours,
    you who forgives our mischievousness,
    you have showed us what it is good
    and what is bad, and this poem barely
    express who much gratitude I have,
    happy mothers day, from you son/daughter.
    death is not a final goodbey...but...a see you later.
    by me ^_^.

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    Punctuation and spelling is a start for this poem.
    Seduced by Flesh

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