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Thread: Mothers

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    Mother of this land we seek forgiveness
    we the protectors of your gifts,
    we have failed you as there is hunger,
    wars rage and children die.

    Children with bellies distended
    cry at night with hunger,
    a hunger for food and love.

    We do not provide for we are busy,
    busy with fighting useless wars,
    we deny others our food
    knowledge is withheld,
    others could use it on us.

    Oh mothers we have forsaken your trust,
    trust that you gave when this world was born
    to protect the land,
    to care for the children,
    to forever treasure what you have taught,
    to be faithful to all.

    Oh mothers we have shamed you,
    we have used you,
    we have abused you,
    now we discard you.

    we ask forgiveness,
    we who have nothing.

    you have taken it all back.

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    Re: Mothers

    I really like this, It made me feel warm. And I just love the feeling and wording of the poem.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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