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    From a light now gone,
    I am alone in this darkness.

    No one to help me,
    No one to say everything is alright.

    My heart is cold,
    Like a river in winter.

    My soul is dead,
    Grim reaper took it and sealed it away.

    My body is fading,
    Like a fog passing by.

    My life is through,
    Like a movie with no point.

    (I'm depressed)

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    Smile Re: *My*


    Yeah, you really sound like you're depressed.

    Try smiling, like this...

    Anyways, The poem was...depressing *no duh*
    Very good use of adjectives

    I like these two lines, I think they were awesome the way you described your body passing by like fog

    My body is fading,
    Like a fog passing by.


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