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Thread: My Angel

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    My Angel

    She stared at me then, through those cold eyes I had always loved
    Her eyes always mocked me, a laugh lurking behind her calm composure
    That laugh that barely left her lips taunted me in dreams
    It sang for me, it told me what I wanted to hear

    We once sat together in a field far from here
    Were the grass went high past her hips and mine
    The sun seemed to be smiling all day long and even when the darkness came, it shone
    I was so happy that day, the day she said she liked me

    Just being with her made my day, I think I made her smile more
    That’s what I thought then but then someone else came along
    I knew I would never like him, it was true
    It tore my heart out to see her happy with someone else

    They went everywhere together everyone said they looked beautiful together
    I could never take my angel to our field and just sit anymore
    And soon they started going to our special spot
    Something inside me moved and I didn't like it

    I got so angry with him then something happened, I started hating her
    I sat in my room for hours yelling at myself, this was childish
    My hate started eating at my heart stealing away my humanity and leaving a cold void
    Soon enough I couldn’t think of anything but getting my angel back

    I lost my mind or maybe it lost me, couldn’t say for sure
    My head felt funny one dry afternoon, that was the day my heart lost me too
    She came home for something and things went from there
    My voice spoke for itself and my body moved without me

    I just watched when my body went to the kitchen and made some iced tea
    My breath caught in my throat when I saw that I was slipping poison into her cup
    She took the drink without any notice of the poison dissolving at the bottom
    It was gone in a second

    I could almost hear the poison rioting in her stomach
    The cold chemicals slowly sliding down her throat
    But I could still see myself standing there, a slimy smile on my face
    I told her I loved her then and she said it back

    Her eyes bulged when the poison kicked in and she grasped her heart
    And all I did was stand there until she fell and died
    Now it was her boyfriends turn
    He tainted her so he must pay

    I found him on the way here I asked him to help me in the garage
    I think I hit him twenty times with my bat before I hacked off his legs
    It was the only thing I could do I had no other choice
    After all, a father must always protect his daughter.


    Well, I just finished writing this so it's hot.. or whatever... I had absolutely no ideas when I looked at the blank page... my mind must be on strike.. this was suppose to be a tragic love poem.. it is in a way.. but this is how it turned out, I hope you all enjoy this.. feel free to leave comments and other such things.
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