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Thread: My Angel's Song

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    My Angel's Song

    This one was made by Myself and Shippo

    My Angel's Song

    Whenever the bell rings
    A frightful bird steps through the door
    It chirps its usual nag at me
    Then returns back to its nest

    Every time the bell rings
    I find myself at his door,
    Waking him with my heaven sent song
    Then I go home ready for tomorrows round.

    Always the bell rings
    At the dawn of every day
    and at the dawn of every dusk
    I await for the door to open once more.

    He awaits my arrival
    like a puppy to its master.
    The anger in his eyes bear a child
    Its name is relief. It welcomes me.

    The relief stares me down
    and I wait for the pain to dissipate
    along with my worries
    It's nag turns to song.

    Song seems to calm his soul,
    so I'll sing my heart dry.
    But its crosses my mind.
    Would he replace me when gone?

    The song ends with two words
    Two words that ensure everything
    Together Forever
    And we will stay just like that

    I'm the reason he wakes
    The reason he sleeps
    The reason he dreams
    I am the son of the saved

    A big thanks to Renn for the sig! THANK YOU!

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    Re: My Angel's Song

    Shippo is the collaboration queen and doubtless has dominated the forum.
    "The anger in his eyes bear a child
    Its name is relief. It welcomes me."
    powerful stuff going on in this poem.

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    Re: My Angel's Song

    that was amaising it was full of many emmotions and yet blended so smoothly bravo.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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