**My bro and I were talkin' one day about rap music and hip-hop. We were sittin' around freestyling and I was inspired to write this. I hope you like it!**

I'm comin' with the new s***!
Another set of rhymes for you people to f*** with!

And this ain't no joke, kid.
If you don't wanna hear this then ya better jump ship!

My name is Spriggity;
also known as S-P-R-O-U to the T.

And everybody agrees.
I'm the illest rapper out since Run DMC!

I'm tellin' you it's poetry;
the way these flows come out of me naturally.

Yet, I don't understand
why those bogus rappers get so much loot in hand.

They only spit the same ol' s***;
talkin' 'bout some Nikes and the sluts they mess with!

And we don't wanna hear that!
So turn the f****n' radio down, you ass-hat!

I'm the B-Boy who doesn't need a f***** set!
The MC who keeps it real--I keep my music fresh.

Who gives a damn about how many lives you took?
Why flow about poppin' caps? Pop open a book!!

The media is evil--brainwashing the youth.
Kids are carryin' nines before they get thier first tooth!

I'm that cat who wants to put a stop to the B.S.
Can I break the cycle? Or am I speaking to the deaf?