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Thread: My bad

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    My bad

    Is he really walking towards me?
    My crush since junior high.
    The one that gets into fight,
    But always manages to stay fly.

    A body of a god,
    And smiles like a sun on earth.
    I don’t think he knows,
    But he is a woman’s worth.

    The captain of the soccer team,
    And talented like a pro.
    And very long hair,
    I wonder how long can it grow?

    Some people say his hair is to long,
    He looks kind of gay.
    But I tell them,
    “Really men were it that way.”

    Like I said before,
    What a lucky ass day,
    I feel like I am about to faint.

    He walks closer and o boy!
    I close my eyes, and open again
    I didn’t see him
    Where is that man

    I turned to see
    How could this be?
    He was with another girl
    And not with me

    I was so mad
    And super pissed
    I was going to get her
    And not going to miss

    I went up to her
    And grabbed her hair
    I began to punch
    Scratch and tear

    I was done and quite proud of myself
    She lay crying on the floor
    A my dear crush
    Looked in horror

    He looks at me in anger and sadness
    My eyes began to droup
    He said to me that was his sister
    All i could say was opps

    This is the lesson for today
    Never like a guy and not know his family
    Because if your like me
    You’ll go a bit crazy

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    Re: My bad

    OMG!!! That was so great!!!Such a great story here... And so funny!!! Indeed a good lesson you give us there...
    I really start to love your poems- they are sarcastic and a little sad at the same time... And I love the anger you show...
    I'll be waiting forward to the next one!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: My bad

    THAT POEM ROCKED!! ^_^ Is that a true story? LOL. You've got good rhyming skills, you know that?

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