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Thread: My country

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    My country

    Bast waters in the Atlantic
    Green lands, infinite fantasies
    Caribean lands, surronding islands
    Oceans with deep silence

    Beaches with bright sand
    Waves make it slow to the shore
    A brezze so cold that crabs cant stand
    palm so calm, standing the brezze

    while giving a shadow
    that cools you're feet
    forest grow so fast
    they make a beutifull land

    mountains with hight stats
    such a nice view at the top rock
    echoes coming from the caves
    thats nature and the country

    thanking for protecting
    the rich seas
    and the people that live
    ever happiely

    perdoname michelle!

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    Re: My country

    Ah that was touching. Reminds me of our great island. A few misspellings here and there but I enjoyed it overall.

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