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Thread: My dark desires

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    My dark desires

    I had a dream that changed my life, I throw away evrything I didn't desire. I am keeping all these desires that I will not give up in my heart. Even if I should fall victim to the chains of death. In the end of dreams and reality, I wont hold back the growing desire to cause (DECEIT), (FEAR), (VANITY) and (DEATH). I'm strong enough to do all of these negative desires. I'm a Mandalorian who doesn't know when to stop!
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    Do you know the happiness and sence of accomplishment you gain when you have a chance to hurt the one you called "master"?

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    Re: My dark desires

    Short extremly short. But it doesnt feel like a poem. And yet it is right? So then it was very good. Sound like something I would right I dont really know. But it does sound really good.
    I wish a life of a love of a life. Send a light to through the darkest of nights. Let a kiss fly from the heart. Love me like you loved me in our past lives. Send this pain back to me these cold lonely nights. Haunt all my fanasties leave all my dreams shadow yourself once again into me....

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    Re: My dark desires

    I would've enjoyed it more if it was written in verse... Heck, I'm not even sure if you can still call it a poem without seperate verses. The perspective was pretty interesting, though. First time I've read something about Star Wars.
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