My words mean nothing.
They are nothing.
All the heart and feeling I have,
put into my words,
doesn't mean anything to anyone.
Not anymore.
My words are hollow and void.
My heart is hurting,
and my body aches.
Sick of being sick.
Tired of being tired.
I wish for a miracle,
and find no God to pray to.
So it seems rather.
I'm not wanting suicide,
because I'm not stupid.
But does this life hold more,
than just being alive,
with breath in my lungs,
and listening to the beating,
of my own heart?
I am trying to live,
and enjoy it...
but my words must mean more,
than just the keys I type them with,
or the breath I speak them with,
or the people I speak or type them to.
I'm not perfect...
no one is.
Only one ever was.
I don't want to be perfect...
I just want life...
A reason to live...
and someone that wants me alive so.
That is my desire.........

-White Rose-