my diary

long time since i've written in this diary , it's already dusty
anyways i'm ,,not good i geuss or may be worst
lets get things started ,
there is too much hate to write
and i have a little bit of time


i talk and i speak
no one listens


i try and do things
no cares

i try to speak
to each person
but i fail in each time

as if i'm speaking in
and curses

each time i remember what you said
i hate you more and more

i despise you more than you despise me
i hate you from the deepest place inside my heart

thats what i believe and thats what i think
you hate me and i hate you twice

all of you
every bit of you

my wishs
my dreams
you destroyed them all

because of you
i couldn't sleep
i couldn't stop crying

all because of

tell ... tell me

why do you hate me so much
why do you despise me so much
and what did i do wrong to deserve this

but the things you have done
they've already been written
can not be undone , erased or forgot

i still have a wish
and it's for you
to be worse than me
to live and only feel pain
no joy to find
no friend to have

i wish that you suffer
i wish that you cry all the time
and feel a bit like i feel now

i promise
i will make you remember me
i will make you rememner what you did to me
and my most solid vow and promise
to hate you , despise you and make you feel nothing but pain

i shall not write in this diary untill i hold that promise
and show you who i really am
the person you made
is..... me.........

my diary