Dreaming on cloud nine
Missing that kiss of yours
Cloud nine, cloud ten, cloud eight
Whats the difference?
Its all about you
It has always been about you
The way I live- the way I do anything
Jumping from cloud to cloud
Starring at all the people wondering if they feel what I feel
When I'm here holding your hand?
Love me the way I love you
We met once upon a midsummers dream
And we're two star-cross lovers
Sitting here on the school desk
You...your probably sleep in your bed dreaming of me and our first date
Finally getting to see you and your smiling fave once again
We're back in black so let's hit the sack
Fire starterswriting lovers of a sweet nothing
Plans not thought through and a dream of running away
Plan pale skin blood drips from your sweet gentle lips and it makes my heart melt away
Love me always and forever
Forever and a day
Forever and a day times a million
Forever and ever until death do us part
Sitting here on cloud nine with you by my side