Dance of Blades.

Knives dance of glistened joy,
Glimmering crimson bloody toy.
Drips of marred droplets galore,
This malice spread across a floor.

Eye twitching glance of emotion,
teeth gritting over a scabbed notion,
Fury struck with awing disgust,
Such is the waltz of razors lust.

Predictions of this decadent party
Only to invite the imminent tardy.
Teasing psyches with callous intent,
slaughtering the innocent they’ve sent.

Carpenters tools of cutting rust,
Stains the flesh with injured crust.
Bleeding dry the fleshy hides,
Where pain thickens and then resides.

Violet tears falling to swirl,
Mixing colors with a hated whirl
Contrast of love and pain
The truth of it all is quite insane.

A cynical body twisted dry,
lifeless until its finishing cry,
Cracked and broken empathy,
Shattered eyes through misery.