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Thread: My Ever Lasting Love

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    My Ever Lasting Love

    okay i kno ppl are tired of love poems but i wrote this a while back and i kinda like it so check it out

    you said you'll love me
    always and forever
    you were beside me
    help me deal with reality
    I just couldn't believe
    was this a dream
    would you really never leave
    you were good and kind
    best of all you were mine
    we shared good times and bad
    through out all the years
    together we fought the tears
    you really were the one
    together we were whole
    our time would never be undone
    you didn't ever lie
    you didn't ever cheat
    you never made me cry
    and never was i beat
    you kept me safe and warm
    never was i harmed
    through darkness you were light
    with you i could fight
    you were my shiny knight
    I really was cinderella
    covered in a world of happiness
    everything was good and pure
    but then there was her
    you saw her and fell
    that moment my heart broke
    life was now hell
    I should of been strong
    I should of moved on
    but we were together for so long
    you left me so fast
    I thought we were meant to last
    I wish i could change the past
    I am tied to you forever
    I can't leave you never
    ~Servatis a periculum.
    Servatis a maleficum~

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    Re: My Ever Lasting Love

    I've tryed something like that, well not just like that, but close to ^^ anyway really good poem princess there are allways room for more love poems lol

    Awesome job, i hope to read some more from you

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