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Thread: my everything

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    my everything

    From this wound I have made,
    I will stay with her,
    From this wound,
    I will protect her,
    From this wound,
    I will love her forever even when I die.

    We both like the same things,
    We would sneak out for walks to the park and run around
    looking like idiots but we didn't care because we have each other,
    We would lay in the grass looking up at the stars but to me
    when I looked into her eyes there is every star in the sky
    in her eyes.

    She is my everything,
    She is my every thought every damn day!
    She ripped out my heart!!
    She killed me from the inside!!!
    She said she loved me but it was a lie to get into my heart and
    kill my soul...

    But for some reason I still love her...
    even for what she did to me I forgive her,
    I know my heart will mend but my soul will never be the same
    but I have this to say...
    I'll love her till the day I die but that was along time ago
    and I love her.

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    Re: my everything

    Hmmm, The mood of this poem changed midway. The beggining and middle were strongly written. And interestingly the strongest parts were the parts reminiscing on the love you shared. But the poem changed when you began talking about the pain you endured. Its like it lost its strength. Perhaps that is a statement in itself.

    All in all, I enjoyed reading it... Thanks for sharing it.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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