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Thread: My Happiness

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    My Happiness

    Title: My Happiness


    Those tides continue to wash away
    Wash those pitiful hopes of mine
    The sky continues to be blue everyday
    Where your and my hand combine

    My old memories fade and die out
    As new ones are made with you
    Lovers split up with an argue
    But ours will never breakout

    Fears from my dreams vanquish
    Since your the one I cherish
    Hate stopped and never seem to appear
    Since I'm the one you hold so dear

    Life never got so boring
    Even if you did make my heart soring
    Wishes had rapidly came true
    When I laid eyes on you

    Those flower petals fall so sudden
    Falling one by one
    Meaning the fall of my burden
    Meaning the end of my disaster thanks to someone

    The wind continues to blow so gently
    With my hair slapping at the sky's clouds all collide
    My eyes glowing at the sun differently
    And where his heart and my heart are tied

    With that single kiss that spreads so quickly
    He still continues to care for me like a maiden
    He still holds me in his arms always so often
    Only making me blush to look oh so sickly

    My happiness had finally appeared with that shocking tear
    So lets end this sadness and leave this world my dear


    Not a good title huh? Well I never really like naming my titles LOL.
    Not one of my best. (LOL) ^^ Oh well It doesn't matter I'm not that good anyway.

    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: My Happiness

    this is so beautiful and sweet, so lovely and sad i love it. each part of the poem is excellent and is wonderful
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    This world is corrupt
    Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
    I am so alone, I got no one to talk to, please help me

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