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Thread: My hate thrown away

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    My hate thrown away

    ( '' to '' is the choire continued by the tittle ye know '' my hate has been throw away because i will be found, with my soul freed from pain and sorrow. baby hon'')

    without having nothing to say
    Im just a big pile
    looking for an eternal smile

    can it be freed from pain?
    thats something i cannot pay
    with a lot of money-i

    ''because i will be found
    my soul, freed from pain and sorrow
    baby hon'''

    I've been looking for a place
    for i to look for myself
    a mirror perhaps and ask my self

    how can i be found
    if theres no one around me
    to listen to my voice and sound?

    by looking at my self in the mirror
    i saw what pulled th trigger
    because i din't have love to share

    with my feelins
    soon or after i will have the smile
    with i can use to be found and loved
    * back to choire and fin*

    perdoname michelle!

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    Are you saying that you're gonna be free from pain and sorrow? cuz if it is, I like it! if it isn't, I still like it. lol Keep it up! =)
    "I love you with all my heart that I can't explain how much in words."

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    Baal you bastard! man you are so skillful when it come to songs and poems man. lol man that was freaking awesome, i wonder if you wrote that based on a personla experience or something that you are experiencing right now.

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