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Thread: my heart

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    Unhappy my heart

    Sometimes its not about who i deserve,
    Its about who i want.
    Regrettably, the person i want
    Turns out to be
    Someone who stole my heart away
    And left it out in the open to bleed.

    Its unfair and at the same time, stupid.
    Because i did let her do so.
    And for a moment,
    I actually like the feeling of falling
    And being fooled.

    What's sad is that
    After the crying,
    When I'm already tired...
    I would still let her take my heart.

    If you don't like me, it's mind over matter.
    I don't mind and you don't matter

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    Re: my heart

    Awww...it's great but so sad well to me sorry! But you did a fantastic work so I loved it!!!! I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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