My heart slows down
as I listen to a song.
He never says a word,
but i know what is wrong.

My heart feels heavy,
it's now thumping loud.
Now tears start to swell,
I can't utter a sound.

There is someone new,
yet he doesn't trust me to say.
How can he treat me this way.

Now my heart starts to ache,
I am praying he stops the pain.
I stare outside
I feel and see the rain.

This someone new keeps on saying
my loss was her gain.
How could she say i lost.
When he stayed with me even until now.

All these lies do me more harm
As i try to listen to him rambling on.
The broken promises he keeps telling me so.
My heart now lies shattered on the floor.

My heart beat slows down,
My tears start to fall.
As i wish he'd stop lying
And just go away and move on.