In solitude I sit,
cross-legged in the middle of the clearing.
my katana as black as my suit,
sitting across my knees.

i have eyes closed,
listening to the soft whisper of her.
The forest tells me that all is well,
and i believe her.

the russling of leaves,
is barely audible to me.
the critters are not even sounding,
more than they normally do.

peace has befallen the forest,
and she thanks me for it.
the little sounds she makes,
are her voice to me.

she's always been kind to me,
and i've kept her safe.
if only i could do more for her,
than defend her with my life.

i let the wind tickle,
what little face is shown beyond my mask.
she's letting me know that she,
enjoys the company of a human for a change.

i will enjoy her more now,
as my mind drifts away like leaves in the wind.
my job as a ninja will never be done,
until I become one with her, the forest....

By: Justin (White Rose)