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Thread: My Legend of Mana Friends

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    My Legend of Mana Friends

    I can't look back
    I got a teardrop crystal in my eye
    But I have wings and I sould fiy to my dreams
    I need a lucky clover to find the lost princess
    The blessed elixir should help me with Niccolo business unusual 1,2,3,4
    But Niccolo calls it quits?
    The monster corral is in the shade of the mana orchards
    The little sorcerers are seeing double
    Diddle's letter said Diddle had it!
    The seven wisdoms asked where's putty?
    A siren's song drowned the dreams
    The faeries' light points to the flame of hope
    Huntin' Du'Cate stared the murmuring forest
    The fallen emperor and the infernal doll
    Reach for the stars Lil' Cacius
    Professor Bomb's lab is having a teatime of danger
    Pokiehl: Dream teller talks of summer lovin'
    Enchented instruments 101 teaches daddy's broom
    Golem go make'em makes two torches
    In search of faeries so mine your own business
    Watts drops the happer so he can't take the path of the blacksmith
    Heaven's gate open for star-crossed lovers
    The looking glass tower can see the cage of dreams
    Gilbert: School amour is at the norodic snowfield
    Tha cosmo points to two Pearls
    Fluorite has the quiet sea
    The treasure map leads to buried treasure
    The guardian of the winds asked for the wisdom of Gaeus
    The gorgon eye of Rachel
    Gilbert: love is blind but Gilbert: Resume of love
    The wimpy thugling went on the field trip
    The ghost of Nemesi is catchin' Lilipeas
    The dragon princess loves the crimson dragon
    Pee-Wee bride had Diddle kidnapped?
    All this and The Legend of Mana

    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    One of the frist poems i did, kun-kun
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    Re: My Legend of Mana Friends

    wow!!! you know legend of mana!!! nice! i liked blackpearl!!! and...and almost all of them!!! wow!!!
    nice!!! gives 10 cookies out of 10 cookies!!!

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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