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Thread: my light

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    my light

    Do not fallow me into the darkness, just leave me to be. Yet stay there so when I need it I can find you my light. Till the day you will strengthen me once more, remember my face as I remember yours and I can see the smile on your face again. Leave me to drown in my fears but don't give up on me my light. I would be blind without you.

    i know it's kinda short but what can i say... .lol and i left it in paragraph form....i dono i just think it makes it flow better.. anyway i would love to hear what u think of it ^^

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    Re: my light

    It's really REALLY good! You're right, writting it this way does make it flow better. But, you're really good. ^ ^ *two thumbs up*
    I think I've known you all along.
    I just lost your face in the crowed for a while.
    I think I've been holding my breath all my life, until you found me here tonight.
    So ask me now and I'll run away with you.

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    Re: my light

    Its an awesome poem it must have came from the heart.
    Martin Z

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    Re: my light

    Hey i read your poem.....i think it is good and i want to here more Mere!!
    The world isn't ready for the truth...

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