My love, my sweet loving angel
You were there from the start
You were the brightest star that I saw at night
You were there when I had lost my sight
Blinded my torture
You were the person I dreamed of late at nights
You were the one I cried for, longing to see your soft sweet face
No person could satisfy my love
No being with such a soul
Was able to accept me and pull me from the hole
When fate and destiny brought us together
You became the air I breathe
Every time I watched you leave
I’d sit with tears running down my face
My love, my sweet loving angel
You protected me from afar
And never let me fear or stray
I love the smell
That’s sends me on a everlasting high thrills
I love your touch
It gives me sensational chills
You’re there when I am sad
You comfort me with the words you had
My love, my sweet loving angel
You’re all I ever needed
I love you