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Thread: My old poems

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    My old poems

    I was in 9th or 10 grade making these so it pretty lame but hey might as well post it. ^_^;


    I am alone in my room,

    Just waiting for you to show up,

    And say that you care,

    But you are not there,

    I wait and I wait,

    But no one is there,

    I am alone in this world,

    Feeling darkness spread around me,

    Feeling like no one cares for me,

    Or even love me anymore,

    I just want to end it all,

    End as fast as it can,

    Cause I don’t want to be hurt like this anymore,

    The world is slipping away for me,

    As crimson blood drip down from the blade,

    That I held in my hand,

    As I can see you walk through the door,

    The look on your face,

    Made me want to cry,

    You held me close to you,

    As I felt hot tears,

    Going down the side of my face,

    It is to late,

    For now I am fading away,

    Away from the world that left me,

    Left me all alone,

    But I just want to say these three words,

    The words that I held inside,

    Afraid that you might leave me,

    Leave me like all the others,

    As I slip away,

    I struggled to say,

    I love you



    Some people believe in love,

    Some people even believe in love at first site,

    I am one that does not know what love is,

    I am one that does not think that love even exist,

    One must not be so foolish,

    To believe in a word that never comes true,

    I believed in love once,

    But at the end love is just a lie,

    That can break ones heart,

    And can never heal as fast as a small cut,

    Love is a lie to get what you want,

    Just another lie to hurt someone,

    That really does love you,

    I do not know why people are so foolish,

    To believe in a word that will just hurt them,

    I am a person that can only trust myself,

    Loving others that are not family,

    Can make your heart shatter,

    This is just a thought,

    That might become in handy,

    For someone that said that they loved you,

    But you know that it is just a lie.


    Eternal Love

    How long has it been since I’ve been in love with you?

    My feeling just keep on growing stronger,

    Even though we are no longer together,

    It seems like the whole world is against us,

    Against us loving and being together,

    Silently, like the snow,

    I keep on pretending,

    That we are together and will be forever,

    Holding me tightly and never letting me go,

    I never wanted to know what love was,

    I never wanted to suffer like this,

    Falling for someone that I can never be with,

    No matter what I do my tears will not stop,

    It would have been better off not knowing you,

    How long am I going to continue thinking about you?

    How long am I going to suffer knowing that I can’t be with you?

    As I breath in the cold night,

    Warm tears roll down to the side of my cheeks,

    My heart is like a lit candle,

    Not knowing when it die out,

    I wonder if anyone can keep it from melting,

    Hold me tight with your loving arms as if I would break if you let go,

    Just a thought of you used to bring a smile to my face,

    Now when I think of you it would just make me cry,

    It’s so cold, I’m freezing right now,

    When you used to be by my side, I was never cold,

    I miss you every time your not with me,

    I’ll be hugging this panda bear alone tonight again,

    The snow falls for eternally,

    Just like my love for you.


    I hoped you liked it. Tell me what you thought.

    Thank you <33
    Itachi has his times too <33

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    Re: My old poems

    nina ur really good at writing, and you got a way of writing that is suprising, tho I know u in real life. Next time why don't u post one poem at a time instead of all three, can't wait till ur next one.
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