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Thread: ~My Path~

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    ~My Path~

    ~My Path~
    This is my path,
    My road,
    My destination,
    My Life.

    There are a great many paths,
    But this path is mine.

    There may be bumps,
    There may be holes,
    There may even be hills,
    But I wont stop.

    There may be crossings,
    There may be detours,
    But I know my path.

    There will be people,
    Good and bad,
    Some will tempt,
    But I wont stray away,
    For this is my path.

    This is MY path,
    MY road,
    MY destination,
    MY life.

    Your road is different,
    It holds different challenges,
    Maybe more bumbs,
    Maybe more holes,
    Maybe more hills,
    Maybe less.

    AND I will say,
    So that you can hear,
    Your path is yours,
    Not mine,
    Live your own life,
    They way you want.

    No two paths are the same,
    Some may be similar,
    Some may be entertwined,
    But never,
    Are they the same.

    MY ROAD,

    I got bored in school and I decided to write a poem. I know this poem isn't that good, but I like it. I think I like it because it does speak the truth. This poem reminds me of how people tend to lose track of their 'path', and how they don't want to face their challenges. The bumps and holes.

    Well, I figured that AO should be allowed to read whatever I make. Since AO is kinda like an extended family.

    Comment as you will, even pointing out what you don't like helps me be a better writer.

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    Re: ~My Path~

    Very good but maybe a little long and I feel you could have used some rhyme. But overall very good. And completely different thematically from your previous works. Your seventh stanza was a little difficult to understand. Maybe consider re editing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwolf View Post

    Your road if different,
    It hold different challenges,
    Maybe more bumbs,
    Maybe more holes,
    Maybe more hills,
    Maybe less.

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