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Thread: My Pledge to Solitude

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    My Pledge to Solitude

    I've had this poem for awhile now, and finally thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy.

    My Pledge to Solitude

    To thee I pledge fealty
    Today I offer fresh meat
    Hear now this promise made
    To shun lust and deceit

    These days I've done wrong
    Mean all but little to me
    Plucked hearts with white tong
    Made a mountain called misery

    My eyes are wide
    And ironically clear
    And my wits are sharp
    And my ears can hear

    I have no lids or lashes
    For which to play blind
    And I cannot fall to sleep
    To shutoff my mind

    To block out the sound
    Of ones I've betrayed
    Just hearts in the mound
    They saw it but stayed

    Now there's a hole
    Behind their left breast
    Dug by an eloquent mole
    Like a bastardly crest

    Performed with deft hands
    It's a painful excision
    With no anesthetic
    Though it's not my decision

    I watch as if from one way glass
    With two selves on each side
    The other a malignant mass
    This one wants to cry

    A pair of minds to these eyes
    The one with love no one sees
    Because I'm hidden so well
    And to the door are no keys

    But today I peer out
    From the bars on my door
    But with no mouth I can't shout
    So I'll write it from the core

    To thee I raise my right hand
    And hold my head up straight
    With tears as my ink
    And the pen as the gate

    The tip to my heart
    I write this requiem song
    Now may the healing start
    And may you live long

    I've pledged myself to solitude
    And my ways will hurt no more
    This poem as a measure for magnitude
    Will be my last disturbing score

    Death is your most loyal companion, for he will never fail you.

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    Re: My Pledge to Solitude

    The first line was funny but i like it alot kkep writing you should put that on your profile.

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