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Thread: My Poems

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    My Poems

    These are some poems i wrote on Quizilla. I'm posting them here as a back-up in case something happens there and they get deleted. I didn't want them on my hard drive because well then that would defete the purpose of posting them anonymously. More importantly probably not gonna be active other than occasionaly posting more back-ups.

    What Matters

    What is it that matters?
    Is it how much money I have?
    Is it how many friends that I make?
    Is it how many numbers I get?
    How many girls, to bed i take?
    Is it how many times I go to church?
    Is it how well i play a ball game?
    Is it how many lives I save?
    Or maybe my fame?
    What is it I should care about?
    What am I supposed to be doing today?
    Should I be building a fortune?
    Should I be chatting on AIM?
    Should I be going to clubs?
    Or is it all the same?
    Should I be praying to God?
    Should I be making a band?
    Should I studing medicine?
    Or is it all planned?
    How can i know what is important?
    Is there anyone who can say?
    If I died tomorrow would i just fade away?

    My Enemy

    I wake up every morning and see my enemy's face.
    It follows me where ever i go
    impossible to escape
    making me second guess my every step.
    Everytime our eyes meet it's the same blank stare
    with emotionless eyes and lips that never seem to smile
    Sometimes i just hate that face
    many times it seems everything would be simpler if it just went away.
    Already exausted I finish my morning ritual,
    there is nothing left but to face another predictable day,
    So with a sigh I reluctantly turn away from the mirror and head out the door.

    The Path Taken

    I look behind me,
    at the path i chose to take
    I see the holes where i have fallen,
    the places that i have stumbled
    and the paths i had not taken.
    I see the people i have left behind,
    some whose journey had ended,
    some who chose a different road,
    and some who simply waited.
    I feel sad to see the distances between us now,
    but when i look down i see only my footsteps.
    I look ahead and the road fades,
    the fog as thick as ever.
    I know not what the next step holds,
    be it another stumble, or another face.
    Will i feel the ground below me,
    or just empty space.
    Then i remeber the road behind me,
    and I take another pace.


    Alone i stare into the darkness with emotionless eyes
    i can't feel warmth
    i can't feel pain
    i can't feel sadness
    i can only feel the cold numbness as dark and comsuming as the darkess that threatens to engulf me
    long has it been since i have felt anything
    a tear trickles down my cheek
    unfelt but still known faintly i remember the feeling but even more faint is the yearn to feel it again
    Only fear remains
    it's the only constant
    fear that if i try to change again
    I will only lose more of what is left
    so i bury my face in my hands and cry my unfelt tears for something forever lost....
    my humanity

    P.S. dot if u wanna check out my quizilla account it under the same name.

    My first self-made sig.

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    Re: My Poems

    Those are really good. You should publish them. My favorite is What Matters. That just literally said what I think to myself everyday!

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    Re: My Poems

    Those poem are good and very well written!.. and my fave too is What matters..
    You should post them in the poems section.
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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