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Thread: my so called friends

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    Re: my so called friends

    lizzy i never told you this but that is the exact reason why i left school and if this is happening to you you can talk to me

    thank you equinn

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    Re: my so called friends

    u serour thats why u left ?......
    btw thanks and yeah they know and i would love to change schools but theres worse people whom i know in each well most schools

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    Re: my so called friends

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    my so called friends

    I thought the people in my class were my friends...

    I guess they weren’t

    They took what they wanted from me

    They took my dignity, my friendship and more for granted

    They started today

    They kicked me and the chair behind me

    They though bags and bottles at my face

    They talked behind my back


    My appearance and the way I’m not confident in myself

    Is this what friendship is..??

    No or yes ?

    I don’t know

    most friends i have had don’t be there when i fall like some

    They wait to the right moment and BANG! They have stabbed u in the back

    This is me

    the poem true

    I’m not at the eage to kill myself i have a reason not to and he’s the reason why I haven’t yet given up on love.
    all can say is wow u know how to write
    no friends should ever do that . well that in my eyes
    they come when the they want something been ther done that
    many time grow up. as for i never really that many friend but the end
    it still hurt. i hope u don't mind that read yr post

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