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Thread: My song

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    My song

    The song in my heart
    makes want to leap for joy.
    it reminds me of days
    when everything was alive

    but now regret fills me
    i never got to say how i felt
    how much i long to hold you.

    Memories haunt me
    your laughter still lingers,
    your touch still burns.

    how i should have said i loved you dearly.
    now i know that i can never say the words.
    Now i know you not be mine.

    Call me a fool , call me naive
    Yet this song continues to say
    I love you in the most unconditonal way.
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    Re: My song

    good poem but there is a problem >.< the format... the end of the lines have little or no ",,,,,,," >.< thats all ^.^
    death and life are one and the same

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