In the darkest points
Lies the scariest of minds
A mind of knowledge
The mind of insanity

Through the doors
Is where my shadow remains
Lifeless and still
Though U may not see me, I see you

Down the hall
Lies the scariest of humans
The human with the heart for war
The type of human with no soul

This is the beast
Peering into your soul
Ripping at your heart
Tearing at your emotions

This is me
I can destroy you
I can make you

Most of all
I am myself
The one not to be feared
But the one to become a friend

Enjoy your life
For no matter what
I will be here to fight for you
To destroy the evil from within

Hear my words
For I am your father
And only I can defeat evil with evil
I am no saint nor demon

I am me
I am your father
I am the middle man