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Thread: My Story

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    My Story

    this is the beginning of a story that i decided to write a while back........i was never able to finish it for personal reasons.........but since i decided to come back to ao.......i decided y not keep writing.........so here is the first chapter....the 2nd will be up in about a week...........

    The Beginning

    As the crimson colored blood rolled down his arm he knew there was no turning back. Reaching to his waist, the man pulled out a katana blade which was known to only a few as Geranda. Slashing into the shadows the blade found its prey, lashing out with all his will he knew that if he did not finish what he had been assigned to do he would surely be killed, there was no time for petty emotions such as guilt and sympathy. Knowing this, the man hacked at his target over and over, laughing at the childish screams that poured from his victim. Upon hearing no more screams, the killer reached for the body. Dragging the carcass out the darkness the man stared upon his victim.

    At his feet lay the nearly decapitated corpse of a humanoid child.

    Developed at Zatoya Industries, humanoids were a breed of “humans” that could be created with any characteristics that the mother and father sought. It was a development that various scientists saw as a chance to change the way that the human population looked at childbirth. Other organizations saw Zatoya as sacrilegious, it was going against the teachings of Riopi, and the most radical of these people were the Nyoto Clan.

    The Nyoto Clan was seen by religious leaders and philosophers of Riopi as a cure for the demonic plague which, in there eyes, was called technology. They sought to bring a downfall to modern civilization and return Zadokei to the time of the Feudal Era, by any means that should have to be taken. They were led by Zambyoto Misamita.

    “Shut the **** up!” Mismita screamed, furious at one of his lead prophets. “If I tell you to ****ing do something, you better ****ing do it!” Mismita was a man that was known for his rage. As a boy he was abandon by his grandparents for his conduct. Not knowing his real mother or father he walked the streets until he came upon a Riopi Temple. At first glance the priest of the temple knew there was something strange about this boy, something strange which he had never seen before. In return for the food and shelter that was given to him, the boy would have to convert to the Riopi faith.

    “Now leave my presence before I show you what true power is!” Howled Mismita.
    “Mismita sir, Mismita sir, I need your aid with a problem that I am having.” Tesun begged.

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    Re: My Story

    Umm.. magey san... @.@ tis is suppose to be in the fan fics right?

    it is quite an interesting story.. good for an rpg game xD

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