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Thread: My Thoughts of "Her"

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    My Thoughts of "Her"

    We lay on the bed with all the cares long gone.
    Nothing more in our world than you and I.
    I lay there entranced in your eyes,
    as happily here I could easilly die.

    I stare into your eyes,
    and lay touch your cheek with my palm.
    No more here in this moment of bliss is there,
    than the fullest serenity and calm.

    In all the moments I could live,
    and all the moments I would obtain....
    Nothing comes close to this,
    the simple loving whisper of your name.

    No matter if there be clothes,
    or nothing but our skin....
    Our love in this moment,
    might as well could start all over again.

    I can only see your eyes,
    until they close shut softly.
    The lips gain yours I know,
    Your lips kissing up onto me.

    This moment makes my heart beat quick,
    and my mind float all worries bye.
    I'll love you in all these moments,
    and even long after you leave when you die.

    I'll be here for you,
    until you're here for me too.
    In even away from these moments,
    I'll love you through and through.

    Justin McCormick, -White Rose-
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