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Thread: My Villain

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    My Villain

    This is a poem I wrote awhile ago to express what was going on in my life. I think it is decent and I wouldn't mind posting it here.

    Don't be afraid to give me negative remarks, I would like to get better.

    The style is free style.

    ~My Villain, the Cause of My Pain~

    You are always there to:

    Make me believe,
    Make me cry,
    Make me hurt,
    Make me want to die.

    Give me nightmares,
    Give me pain,
    Give me ideas,
    Give me reasons.

    You want me gone,
    You want me dead,
    You want to destroy me.

    The only reason you are,
    Is to be the one to hurt me.

    The only question...

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    Re: My Villain

    The three stanzas of anaphor are nice and you are one of the best. You don't see many people combining elements and styles. Though it be good it could be better. This poem and what it means to cry are similar. Can you write different subject matter and other moods?

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    Re: My Villain

    This one is sad and painful....but I still like this one very much. ......I think people would think the same thing.....

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