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Thread: "my Woe"

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    "my Woe"

    No one understands my plight,
    Even though my music's shit.

    I don't know why I feel so sad,
    Or why my poetry is so bad.

    Is my purpose to annoy?
    And am I a girl or a boy?

    I don't know why I like roses,
    But they help with my Myspace poses.

    My family thinks I'm gay -_- I'm not,
    But all my friends say going bi is hot.

    My crotch-cling jeans are for to tight,
    Future impotence will be a real fright.

    But I don't care, I'll take that chance,
    Whilst listening to My Chemical Romance.

    Now I just want to cry and cry,
    To my dignity I wave goodbye!

    My Nintendo will comfort my despair,
    As will greasy, effeminat hair.

    I am sick of life, so cruel, so hectic.
    Plus I'm borderline anorexic.

    I am done, behold - my woe.
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    Re: "my Woe"

    lol.... Im laughing because this is super clever. Not because of your woe.
    Theres was a point when you were posting like 4 poems a day. I used to read 'em all..
    ... Not Ever Again...

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