Been listening to Voltaire lately >.< ..


Do you know who I am?
Have you some answer to the question?
When your mind falls apart,
and your heart beats no more.
You’ll feel a bit of aid.
and in that comfort you’ll adore.

I’ll pick out your eyes,
I’ll close tight your lips.
I’ll revise your pride
I’ll stab through your wits.

It’s different when your sleeping.
and all so true.
That when the eyes begin to close.
you know that I’ll be there.
And when you’re safe and sound.
I’ll be the one of dreadful scare.

I’ll drink of your teeth,
I’ll still your blubbering
I’ll bring you no relief,
I’ll end your suffering.

I’m your only sleep,
I’m the shadows that will crawl.
I’m the hand in your chest,
I’m the spider in your jaw.
I’m the legs that you broke.
I’m the fall you that you took
I’m the words you misspoke
I’m the hate in every look.

So call out my name,
and remember my goodwill,
For when you last see a star,
I’ll be the comfort under you skull.