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Thread: The Neko Boy

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    The Neko Boy

    Alone, the Neko Boy.

    I sit by the slide
    I'm all alone
    I play with my collar
    Invisible, unknown.

    The other kids
    Are playing house
    The stupid Neko Boy
    Is who they leave out

    A new little girl
    Is at our school today
    They make fun of her
    I could guess what they say

    Who is that
    Not saying a peep
    All alone
    A Neko Girl weeps

    I walk over
    And sit next to her
    Tell her it's okay
    And pet her ear fur.

    She looks up and smiles
    She touches my ear
    And then she giggles
    Not a hint of fear

    Now we are walking
    She asks to hold my hand
    I smile at her
    I say, "Yes, my friend"

    It's time to go
    And we say goodbye
    She kisses my cheek
    I almost cry

    Her beautiful ears
    Her tail so pretty
    I'm no longer alone
    She's my favorite kitty.

    This one was meant to be a schoolyard love thing.
    Like a little kitty crush.
    That kid who had nobody
    And another kid moves there.
    Then they fall in love ^_^

    I hope you liked.
    You can have the best forum ever.
    But when the mods lock because they have nothing better to do
    You're not going to have a good forum at all.

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    Re: The Neko Boy

    Awwwwww! I love it.
    The rhyming was awsome and the scene was great.
    At it is just soooooo ceuooot. I like the
    descriptions you gave.
    It was just awsome.lol.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: The Neko Boy

    i liked it. it was different it was well cute. it put a picture in your mind. i'm guessing neko is a cat/human thing?
    every rose has a thorn

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