You see, my feelings have never been spared.
You've never thought twice, because you've never cared.

My pain never stopped you, so why would it now?
Why is it that I never stop wondering how...

How could I ever be special to you?
I'm just here when you have no one better to do.

I never make you happy, but I always keep trying.
Will there ever be an end to my heartbreak and crying?

I Should just give up... yet I try to be tough.
But I'll never be perfect, or pretty enough.

I can never escape this.... It wont disappear.
I'll always love you, as long as you're here.

I must not be your flavor, because you'll never scoop me.
I'll never be more to you, than your stupid groupie.

You'll never regret when you leave me behind.
If I never stop hoping, then I'm wasting my time.