The stars on the sky reminds me about you beutiful eyes.
The pain in my knee remeinds me about the pain in my chest when im not with you.
And the people around me shows that you were wise.
You slowly faded away as the new falled wintersnow.
I really miss you with whole my heart.
I wish i could meet you one last time, but how.
You are smiling on the pictures taken not long ago.
You innocent face shined by the happines in you heart.
On the picture it's not posible to see the pain you went trhough.
So let me been taken to the place there i belong.
Together with you, singin our wonderful song.
I will fly to you with my wings made by my dreams.
I can be hard, at least it whats it seems.
With a gun in my hand, i know what to do.
Shoting meself, and makes our dreams come true.