We lay there.
Eyes tied together in love.

Nothing else can be seen,
but all else can be felt.

Your body next to mine.

I kiss your lips with my all,
and fall to the bed with you,
holding you to me,
with all that i can hold you with.

My arms wrapped around you,
like presents at Christmas time.

My lips to yours,
as if they are a part of you.

I weave my fingers in your hair,
and let my other hand,
hold your body close.

I am yours baby.

You have my all,
and have never had less.

I don't care if all we do tonight,
is kiss until we are too sleepy,
to kiss anymore.

I just want your love.

I just want your smile.

I just want your heart.

I just want you.

I just want this.

I love you with all my heart,
and soul.

I'll try to wake before you....
so that I can start the kiss,
the way it ends tonight.

Your lips to mine as you drift to sleep....

Your lips to mine as you wake from it....

Rest well baby....

I'll be here with you when you wake................

-White Rose-