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Thread: Nightlife

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    Twisted illusions streaked upon blood muddled window panes
    Lurking in the patterns gravity has etched into the glass
    Waiting for the perfect victim to jump out at and feed on
    Hunger burning vacuum tight holes in their stunning topaz eyes

    Children left alone to cry out into the coldly burning night
    Frowning water drops echoing down the beautiful evening skies
    Creating further the imagery of true hopelessness and desolation
    Their portrait speaking in human emotion and stealing away the soul

    A hapless mouse scurries through the bare fields, scavenging a small meal
    The threat of death just foot steps behind its waving tail
    A hawk caught the shadow cast out by the deceitful moon
    Flapping, soaring and connecting with roughly tender flesh, another death tonight

    The smooth barrel of metal violator stares her down in the wet alley
    Held hostage by the bullets that are her last breath, her dying sigh
    Red and black flash on the walls, in her mind, to take away the hurt
    Tearing and ripping seared by pain, and with the dawn her innocence is taken

    Strings of the heart teased and pulled taut only to be thrown aside at the end
    She, the broken lover left alone for the shadows to recycle and enslave
    Dead eyes devoid of life, just a weightless shell with color
    And all because it was wrong and dirty, all because they were sisters and not strangers

    Pounding beats booming out through overused blown speakers
    Bodies soaked and sticky with sweat grinding into each other along with the beat
    The dance will not end for there is no start to match an end to, not until the dawn
    Dancing on until they fall and become one with the goo of fallen dancer

    A flicker in the darkened room sounds the alarm for the locked away junkies
    The Dealer is here with his needles and decay, he brings them joy, and he brings The Stuff
    They all gather round their master with sunken eyes and battered bodies for one last rush
    That’s right, one last rush, just one, until they realize they’re dead and forgotten

    Quiet pain erupts from a thin line that soon let’s the warm liquid it held inside out
    Tears drops fall from green eyes and mingle on the line, burning away the memories
    Another night of bedroom games with Daddy pulled the razor out this night
    She will not speak of this, it did not happen, just so long as she has blood in her body

    Smiles that are faked and kisses that are soothing haunt the day light hours
    Incest, rape, and death stalk the night with no witness to cry out to the sun
    So shall the blood continue to flow and the lives be sacrificed to the fires
    This is just how the world must be; nothing can ever change, too bad though

    Here's my latest work, written at five am two days ago, not exactly one poem, but a short of many poems. If you got the gist of them, then you can see it's got many of my favorite themes... I am a weird one.

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    Re: Nightlife

    Yeah, it was weird... but not bad.. Full of imagery, thats for sure. I love when a poem is written with so much imagery that it makes me feel as though I am watching a movie. Like every line actually takes me somewhere.
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