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Thread: Nightmare

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    It is dark,
    The air smells of burning flesh,
    I am alone but two hearts beat,
    In the shadows waits another.

    Pointed teeth glisten into a blood thirsty grin,
    Breath comes out jagged,
    Jagged like the bones at my feet,
    My throat is choked.

    I hear it laugh,
    Nearer it comes,
    Ready to feast on warm, bloody flesh,
    The laugh strikes something within me.

    It sounded so familiar,
    But no time to think for I must flee,
    The thing approaches closer and closer,
    I hear it breathing.

    Each breath matches my own,
    Light ahead,
    I run to it, turning for a glimpse of my pursuer,
    Here it comes.

    Out of the shadows emerges...

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    Re: Nightmare

    It sounds like a scene from a horror movie where someone is trying to escape from the monster who is try to kii them. Good job and I look forward to reading your next one.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
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