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Thread: Nightmare

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    Haunting, horrid,
    like a deafening scream,
    yet quieter than pure silence,
    it shakes my body
    in deep sleep
    while I am unable to move,
    unable to cry.
    It is the blackest of apparitions,
    most deceitful of spirits
    that ravages my unconscious
    with savage claws
    and strips away my conscience,
    replacing it with fear.
    Moaning a hideous noise,
    as it chases me in the night,
    buy my legs will not run,
    so I swim through the air
    like a desperate drowning child.

    Around me grow distorted places,
    frightening figures,
    like solid, feel-able ghosts
    that glare in disgust,
    or see through my physical self,
    I cannot tell.
    But they merely observe
    or are inattentive
    and I swim past them
    in what haste I can,
    escaping from the terror
    of hot pursuit.

    The streets become narrow,
    barren and desolate,
    and I feel as though I’m trudging
    through a mass of sludge,
    slow and awkward,
    and the creature of evil,
    gnashing its fearsome teeth,
    gains ground,
    upon me
    as I reach a dead end.
    I feel its claws
    dig deeply into my flesh
    with astounding pressure,
    but no pain.

    Then I awake.

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    Re: Nightmare

    This is interesting for several reasons. You make it a creature poem but also use the terms ghost and awake. It makes it interesting for me since you rarely get this blend of ghost with real creatures, only in a nightmare can both hurt you.

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    Re: Nightmare

    i don't really know how to make a poem so your poem seem interesting and nice...so great job...keep it up...

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